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All Demos fade in and out and include voice over tags in various sections. Your purchased theme does not include the voice overs or fadeouts.

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Category Criteria: Medium Jazz    
Song Title-ID


Description Duration
California - #2403
Medium Jazz This medium tempo theme features acoustic guitars, bass and drums. Very American feel, jazzy yet romantic. 2:38

Back to You - #2406
Medium Jazz Guitars, piano and drums stand out in this acoustic pop theme. Jazzy and romantic, great for scenes of travel and movement. 3:06

Come to Pappa - #2410
Medium Jazz Sassy and fun, this acoustic jazz-pop piece features guitar, organ, drums and bass. Great upbeat feel. 2:39

On The Street - #2201
Medium Jazz An upbeat theme with an exciting cinematic urban feel. Features sax lead, electric guitars and piano, bass and drums. Excellent opener for film and corporate video. 3:07

What's Up - #2206
Medium Jazz Easy jazz guitar theme with electric accents, bass, drums and piano. Positive feel good flavor. Medium tempo. 2:33

Vacation - #2207
Medium Jazz A light, jazzy piece, with a playful and relaxing feel. Features guitar, accordian, electric piano, organ, drums and bass. Great for travel, documentary, and vacation video. 3:19

Any Time - #2208
Medium Jazz A medium-tempo, jazz-pop theme with twin sax and jazz guitar leads, electric piano, bass and drums. Great for scenes of classic elegance and romance 3:16

Loving You - #2210
Medium Jazz Easy guitar piece with two strumming acoustics and pipe organ solo. Full ensemble, medium tempo. 2:57

In The Night - #2212
Medium Jazz This stylish medium-tempo pop-jazz piece features sax lead, electric guitar, piano, bass and drums. Light breezy feel, perfect for scenes of sophisticated elegance, parties, romance. 2:53

Summer Afternoon - #1901
Medium Jazz A medium tempo Pop theme. Very positive bouncy feel. Features acoustic lead guitar, synth piano, bass, strings, and brush kit drums. Excellent for happy outdoor scenes, travel videos. 3:10

West Coast - #1912
Medium Jazz This Pop theme has a light jazz feel, with a slightly serious middle section. Electric piano, strings, and Pop percussion are featured. Romantic and fun, with a great Adult Contemporary sound. Medium tempo. 3:00

Feel Good - #1701
Medium Jazz An upbeat danceable groove featuring electric piano, fretless bass,, guitars and Latin percussion. Great as an opener, and for any happy or positive scene. 3:27

Kickin' Back - #1606
Medium Jazz Easy listening pop theme. Features acoustic- electric guitar lead and light percussion. Excellent for any positive, uplifting scene 3:10

Jazzy - #1301
Medium Jazz This medium tempo theme features electric guitar and piano melodies, with bell accents. Very uplifting contemporary textures. 3:16

Night Out - #1303
Medium Jazz A medium tempo theme, featuring mellow electric guitar lead and a hint of Latin percussion. Great for scenes depicting the bright side of the city. 2:56

Hip Struttin' - #1101
Medium Jazz A high-energy piece with synth guitar lead and electric piano. Very danceable. Catchy melody, with brush kit. 2:54

Summer Night - #1104
Medium Jazz A bright medium-tempo Pop piece. Features chorus guitar lead, with drums & conga back-up 2:41

High Steppin' - #1105
Medium Jazz A sparkling jazz guitar piece with vocal back-up. Has a great upbeat "night on the town" feeling. 2:44

Can't Forget - #1111
Medium Jazz Romantic groove featuring chorus guitar lead. Relaxing, and memorable. 2:53

Jet Set - #0901
Medium Jazz Jazz style, samba flavor, featuring flute with sax accents. Smooth & upbeat. 3:02



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