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All Demos fade in and out and include voice over tags in various sections. Your purchased theme does not include the voice overs or fadeouts.

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Category Criteria: Pop / Contemporary    
Song Title-ID


Description Duration
Good Times - #2108
Pop / Contemporary This medium-tempo piece has great energy and a fun, tropical feel featuring drums, congas and shakers 3:20

Runnin' Free - #2112
Pop / Contemporary A medium-upbeat network style theme, featuring electric guitar, horns, bass and drums. Great for scenes of victory, outdoor action. Very positive. 3:18

Sundown - #2011
Pop / Contemporary A gently rolling Easy-Listening piece with a slight anthem-like feel. Features harp, piano, bells, clav-pad, fretless bass, flute and harmonica. Great for documentaries, educational and children's videos. 4:10

Tribal World - #2012
Pop / Contemporary This dramatic piece features African vocal ensemble, kalimba, and rich drum and percussion accents. Great for travelogues, documentaries. Wonderful celebrational feel. 4:10

Summer Afternoon - #1901
Pop / Contemporary A medium tempo Pop theme. Very positive bouncy feel. Features acoustic lead guitar, synth piano, bass, strings, and brush kit drums. Excellent for happy outdoor scenes, travel videos. 3:10

The Tropics - #1902
Pop / Contemporary A light Latin-Pop piece, featuring marimba, Latin percussion, flute, and electric guitar. Great for vacation videos, celebrations, dances, ocean scenes. 3:03

Street Lights - #1905
Pop / Contemporary A quietly moody swing piece, featuring brush kit drums, slow-attack jazz guitar, synth pad and bass. Mysterious, infectious, and cinematic. Great for late-night urban scenes. 3:14

Industrial Park - #1906
Pop / Contemporary Steady, mechanical percussion is contrasted with soft synth pad and horn textures. Great as a film opener, and for city scenes, corporate/industrial productions. Medium tempo. 2:57

Home Again - #1908
Pop / Contemporary A warm, easy tempo Pop theme with a semi-classical feel. Great for storytelling, children, fantasy, scenes of royalty. Sweetly optimistic. With synth oboe leads, strings, light percussion 3:00

Techno Talk - #1909
Pop / Contemporary This funky dance groove is great for aerobic workout videos, dancing, sports, and urban scenes. Features synth leads, techno percussion, electric guitar accents 2:57

Video Romance - #1910
Pop / Contemporary A light Pop theme with a TV romance feel. Features synth-flute and flugel horn leads, electric piano, bass, and drums. Great for commercials and infomercials, floral shops, real estate videos. 3:08

West Coast - #1912
Pop / Contemporary This Pop theme has a light jazz feel, with a slightly serious middle section. Electric piano, strings, and Pop percussion are featured. Romantic and fun, with a great Adult Contemporary sound. Medium tempo. 3:00

El Paso - #1806
Pop / Contemporary A lovely ballad with a Latin feel. Features classical guitar lead, plus acoustic guitar, mandolin, piano, drums, and bass. Romantic and mellow, with the feel of the Old West. 3:24

Feel Good - #1701
Pop / Contemporary An upbeat danceable groove featuring electric piano, fretless bass,, guitars and Latin percussion. Great as an opener, and for any happy or positive scene. 3:27

Central Park - #1702
Pop / Contemporary An easy, relaxing Pop piece, perfect for outdoor scenes, picnics, family gatherings, etc. Woodwinds, reeds, electric piano, and light percussion are featured. 2:46

Samba Night - #1704
Pop / Contemporary A great tropical theme, full of vitality and fun. Marimbas, Latin pop percussion and synth lead give a festive party feel. 3:07

R.U.Ready - #1709
Pop / Contemporary This upbeat Pop theme has a playful tropical feel. Steel drums, flute, and Latin percussion are featured. 2:47

Ocean Groove - #1711
Pop / Contemporary A medium tempo theme featuring pan flute, guitars, marimba, and percussion. Ideal for beach scenes and travel. 3:44

Endeavor - #1712
Pop / Contemporary Strings, flutes, and light percussion are featured in this medium-tempo theme. Great for promotional and industrial scenes, with a positive feel. 2:54

Back Home - #1602
Pop / Contemporary A warm acoustic-electric guitar theme with hand percussion and strings. Gently rolling, slight Spanish feel, great for natural settings. Serene. 3:00



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