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All Demos fade in and out and include voice over tags in various sections. Your purchased theme does not include the voice overs or fadeouts.

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Category Criteria: Ragtime Piano    
Song Title-ID


Description Duration
Piano Roll - #1202
Ragtime Piano A solo Ragtime Piano theme. Great for oldtime nostalgic scenes. Has a sweet melody! Medium tempo. 3:18

Saloon - #1204
Ragtime Piano A piano theme in the style of Scott Joplin. Great for scenes of saloons, and riverboat gamblers. Tuba and hi-hat accompaniment. Medium tempo. 3:12

Oompah - #1206
Ragtime Piano An upbeat piano and tuba piece with slide-whistle accents. Music for Saturday night at the beer hall. 3:00

Silent Movie - #1208
Ragtime Piano A dramatic Stride-Piano piece with a touch of percussion. Recalls the days of the five-cent silent movie shows 3:21

Vaudeville - #1210
Ragtime Piano A Ragtime Piano piece punctuated with drum rolls and cymbals. This medium-tempo piece is great for jugglers, clowns, and other novelty acts. 2:56

Tonkey Blues - #1212
Ragtime Piano A Ragtime piece for piano and string bass, with a slightly jazzy feel. Medium to upbeat tempo. 3:17



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