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All Demos fade in and out and include voice over tags in various sections. Your purchased theme does not include the voice overs or fadeouts.

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Category Criteria: Sports & Action    
Song Title-ID


Description Duration
Summit - #1504
Sports & Action A fully-orchestrated piece with tympani, string section, and oboe, clarinet & electric guitar leads. Strong Industrial/Documentary style. Great for scenes of accomplishment and victory. 3:06

Moo-Jive - #1505
Sports & Action This danceable Hip-hop groove is playful and exuberant. Stylized, high-tech percussion and synth lead are featured. Medium tempo 3:14

Straight Ahead - #1506
Sports & Action A powerful, orchestrated piece with a steady, urgent beat. Strings, horns, and percussion are featured. Compelling. 3:12

Leap OF Faith - #1507
Sports & Action A majestic theme, fully orchestrated, featuring strings and tympani. Very cinematic; great for scenes of high drama. 3:04

House Party - #1508
Sports & Action An upbeat dance groove with hot percussion and synth lead. Energetic and exciting. 3:03

Nexus - #1509
Sports & Action This orchestrated theme moves from a serious opening section to a triumphant chorus. Great for scenes of challenge and struggle. Medium tempo. 3:10

Bodyglove - #1510
Sports & Action An outstanding example of classic R&B/Soul, featuring fabulous horns and "wah" guitar. Great for urban and high-energy scenes. Upbeat, nostalgic. 3:08

Westward - #1511
Sports & Action A dramatic, orchestrated theme with a feel of the American West. The powerful arrangement features strings, tympani, and twin electric guitars. 3:10

Courage - #1512
Sports & Action This medium-tempo piece features strings, horns, and percussion. Very moving and uplifting, anthem-like. 3:12

Metro - #1304
Sports & Action An upbeat theme that is energetic and mysterious. Richly textured with synth lead, choir, and percussion. "Metro" has the dynamic pulse of urban life 3:07

Urgency - #1306
Sports & Action A funk-style upbeat groove, featuring synth lead and high-energy percussion. Great for Sports and scenes of action. 3:04

Aerobadance - #1308
Sports & Action A high-energy action piece, featuring moog bass, rock guitar and percussion. Great for serious action shots, Sports, drag racing, Dance, etc. 3:05

Power Train - #1103
Sports & Action A straight-ahead Industrial with string and synth leads. Definite driving corporate- industrial feel. Upbeat. 2:45

Street Wise - #1107
Sports & Action Very hip electric guitar fusion piece. Great for urban scenes. Strong rhythm section back-up. 2:43

Advance - #1109
Sports & Action A driving, fast-paced theme with guitar power chords and synth lead. Intense attention-getter. 2:52

Corporate - #1112
Sports & Action A high-energy industrial piece, with full orchestral accompaniment. Upbeat & driving 2:42

Rush Hour - #0903
Sports & Action Upbeat, pounding, machine Industrial. Strong build-up of orchestral sounds with timpani. Catchy string melody. Corporate Edge. Hot :30's & :60's. Song builds from beginning to end. 2:40

Fast Lane - #0905
Sports & Action Sports Rocker. Fast pace. Fuzz rhythm guitar drive. Rock drum kit. Driving string hook. Good for action shots. 2:53

Techno Groove - #0912
Sports & Action An upbeat dance theme, featuring Hammond B-3 Organ. Hot techno- percussion & string accents. High energy. 3:07

Regal - #0801
Sports & Action An upbeat funk groove with a driving string melody. Great opener, or for presentations. Anthem-like catchy theme 2:41



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