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All Demos fade in and out and include voice over tags in various sections. Your purchased theme does not include the voice overs or fadeouts.

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Category Criteria: Suspense & Mystery    
Song Title-ID


Description Duration
Rainy Day - #2407
Suspense & Mystery Piano, strings, guitar and light orchestral percussion and featured in this dreamy, moody piece. Ambient, introspective and cinematic. 7:08

Metropolis - #2109
Suspense & Mystery A powerful, futuristic Techno piece. High-tech percussion, organ, synth and moog bass are featured. Medium tempo, very intense, with a hint of danger. 3:01

Moonscapes - #2006
Suspense & Mystery Moody and dramatic, this piece creates an atmosphere of mystery and a hint of danger. Features analog synth sounds, bells and strings. Very open and spacious. 4:09

Street Lights - #1905
Suspense & Mystery A quietly moody swing piece, featuring brush kit drums, slow-attack jazz guitar, synth pad and bass. Mysterious, infectious, and cinematic. Great for late-night urban scenes. 3:14

Pursuit - #1911
Suspense & Mystery A serious, upbeat suspense theme, with dramatic orchestral hits and a frantic synth rhythm track. Futuristic and high-energy. Great for scenes of danger and action; strong urban feel. Also, perfect for action sports. 3:25

Automation - #1705
Suspense & Mystery A high-tech Industrial theme with a slightly mysterious feel. Soft pizzicato strings, synth bass and light percussion are featured. 3:07

Himalaya - #1612
Suspense & Mystery This exotic theme evokes the mystery of Asian mountains. Beautiful and powerful, featuring gamelon, synth choir and drums. 3:08

Cat Walk - #0908
Suspense & Mystery Slightly mysterious, with a feeling of intrigue. Possible travelogue. Easy listening. Features solo piano & electric guitar with bell accents. 2:50

Tense-Release - #0809
Suspense & Mystery Serious driving bass line that reaches a "release point" and eases out. Features hip synth pad sound. Great for industrials. 2:42

Cool - #0701
Suspense & Mystery A cinematic piece with electric and acoustic pianos. Strong, adventurous feel. Very melodic with a great groove. 2:40

Heatseeker - #0702
Suspense & Mystery A mystery-suspense theme with a combination of slow and fast tempos. Has a Latin/Brazilian flavor. 3:08

Lunerblue - #0703
Suspense & Mystery A moody mysterious piece. The swing beat has a spacious "film noir" atmosphere. 3:03

Distant - #0704
Suspense & Mystery Sad, mysterious piano piece. Reflective and moody feeling. 2:59

Alleychase - #0705
Suspense & Mystery Upbeat suspense piece with dynamic bass line and pad piano lead. Tense, urban feel. 3:16

Predator - #0706
Suspense & Mystery A symphonic, fully orchestrated suspense theme. Great for scenes of conflict/danger. 3:17

On The Loose - #0605
Suspense & Mystery A dramatic, semi-serious 12-string guitar and piano piece. Features Hammond Organ solo with string accents. Lots of build-up to a dramatic finish. Ideal for hang-gliding, wind-surfing, sailing type shots. Medium tempo. 3:21

Serious Piano - #0607
Suspense & Mystery A very serious New Age piano piece with flute and strings as back-up. Reflective feel of far away, quiet, moody scenes. Slow tempo. (New Age, Natural Sound) 3:12

Intrigue - #0610
Suspense & Mystery A dramatic piece with a strong rhythmic groove. String punches and electric guitar give a mysterious, cinematic feel. Catchy theme. 3:00

Mystery - #0508
Suspense & Mystery A more serious composition in a minor key. Has a moody and mysterious feel. Pan flute and guitar are featured instruments with a light jazzy rhythm section. 3:26



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