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All Demos fade in and out and include voice over tags in various sections. Your purchased theme does not include the voice overs or fadeouts.

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Category Criteria: Corporate & Industrial    
Song Title-ID


Description Duration
Western Sky - #1106
Corporate & Industrial A cinematic piece with the feel of wide-open spaces. Trumpet lead and full orchestration. 2:41

Advance - #1109
Corporate & Industrial A driving, fast-paced theme with guitar power chords and synth lead. Intense attention-getter. 2:52

Corporate - #1112
Corporate & Industrial A high-energy industrial piece, with full orchestral accompaniment. Upbeat & driving. 2:42

Rush Hour - #0903
Corporate & Industrial Upbeat, pounding, machine Industrial. Strong build-up of orchestral sounds with timpani. Catchy string melody. Corporate Edge. Hot :30's & :60's. Song builds from beginning to end. 2:40

Precision - #0909
Corporate & Industrial Hot Industrial with flugel horn solo & pizzicato strings. Moderate tempo. Great for machinery in motion. 2:46

Regal - #0801
Corporate & Industrial An upbeat funk groove with a driving string melody. Great opener, or for presentations. Anthem-like catchy theme. 2:41

Blow Out - #0803
Corporate & Industrial A driving,, flashy sports groove, with hip "flash" sounds. Great for quick shots. Features horn hits, driving bass and full band sound. 2:57

Flux - #0806
Corporate & Industrial Medium, sophisticated light jazz guitar piece. Solid drum groove, horn section. Great for documentaries, overviews and soft sport moments. 2:56

Mechanism - #0807
Corporate & Industrial A semi-serious, driving sports theme. Also a great industrial featuring dramatic string sound and french horn accents. Big network style. 2:43

Tense-Release - #0809
Corporate & Industrial Serious driving bass line that reaches a "release point" and eases out. Features hip synth pad sound. Great for industrials. 2:42

Flexible - #0811
Corporate & Industrial An upbeat, refined big string sound piece, horns and electric guitar accents. Regal sound with bell overtones. Great for documentaries. 2:47

Kickin' - #0401
Corporate & Industrial An upbeat action piece with a lot of "drive." Great for shots with a lot of motion. Features brass lead. 3:34

Change Up - #ab01
Corporate & Industrial An upbeat contemporary theme with a positive feel. Great for an opening theme or where there is movement in the visuals. 2:58

Looking Up - #ab07
Corporate & Industrial A medium upbeat theme that portrays a positive image. Useful in many situations that have an uplifting type mood. 3:47

Traveling - #ab15
Corporate & Industrial A medium "rolling along" type of piece with a country flavor. Works well with travel shots and other moving visuals. 2:47

Euro-Sport - #2102
Corporate & Industrial A techno-pop theme with synth guitar lead and sports-style horn lines. Great for bicycle & auto racing and other sports/action scenes. Medium tempo. 3:03



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